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Current Projects


Doctor Faustus

Halloween 2023

This Halloween, Dandelion Theatre invites you to hell for Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus, a play about dualities. God and Lucifer. Faith and Doubt. Loyalty and Betrayal. Good and Evil. Ambition and Regret. The play’s titular necromancer is split down the centre of his soul, between a desire for magical power and terror at what will become of his immortal spirit. Dandelion’s production strips Christopher Marlowe’s tragedy down to a personal interplay between Doctor Faustus and Mephistopheles, the demon he conjures to serve him. Once the deal is struck, and Faustus has surrendered heaven for worldly pleasures, the two figures become all things to each other: mutual servants, lovers, enemies and friends, trapped in a dance that will last for all eternity. The show explores themes of codependency, anxiety, art and ambition as audiences are invited into a tour of one man’s very personal hell, and the demon he shares it with. What the audience knows but Faustus cannot is that he is already damned, and all of this has happened before and will happen again, forever.

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Hands of Hypatia

Winter 2024

Dandelion Theatre is proud to be bringing back our original sci-fi epic, first premiered as a five episode audio drama in 2020.  We are excited to be presenting this play, live, as a series of staged-readings generously made possible by Outside the March and the Ontario Arts Council.

Planet Earth is gone, exploded two hundred years ago by the cosmic giant Hypatia. Now, humanity’s sole survivor, Adamah Borealis, wanders the starways with her cyborg companion Shem in search of new life and old memories. When a mysterious benefactor enlists her services, Adamah must scour the universe for a clean energy source. Her search leads her through the vast cosmos, back to the very hands that sent her out two hundred years ago. Along the way, she discovers the most ancient secrets of the universe, and just how significant one life can be.

Ongoing Projects



We have finished casting all current productions. Updates regarding auditions will be made on our website and social media as soon as the next opportunity arises.

Feel free to contact us with your headshot and resume for future consideration.




We're always accepting new play submissions, please feel free to contact us with a pdf attachment of your script at any time. 

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If you wish to join our team or pitch an idea, please send us an email to with your proposal we'll be in touch soon!

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